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Private Dance Lessons Taught by World Class Dance Instructorsin Los Angeles

Continuous Motion Dance Academy (CMDA) offers the best private dance lessons taught by world class dance instructors in Los Angeles. From hip hop, contemporary, modern, jazz, tap, ballet classes and much more, we can do it all! CMDA’s owners, Brittney and Larika, are dedicated dance educators who are passionate about helping each student achieve the highest level of success possible. Individual instruction is one of the best ways to ensure that a student is provided every opportunity to reach their full potential. Our private lessons, along with group dance classes, provides a comprehensive and extensive dance education experience.

Our highly talented, experienced and enthusiastic dance instructors will carefully access your skill and level to cater each carefully planned private lesson to help you grow as a dancer. CMDA’s private lessons will undoubtedly bring up your skill level, increase fundamental techniques, improve performance abilities, expand flexibility, and much more. We are here to help dancers, of all ages and skill level, grow and reach their fullest potential! Contact CMDA for more information, details and scheduling. If you need private choreography lessons for an upcoming event, we got you! CMDA is excited to be a part of your dance growth, journey and career.

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